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Here in Alaska we have this little logo stickered or stamped on veggies and stuff that’s grown here. We Alaskans have a lot of Alaska pride, and most of us try to stick to the Alaska Grown food and Alaska Made (that’s a whole other logo) widgets.

My little sister just got the Alaska Grown logo tattoo’d on her. I want one too.

I have, at various times, had different Alaska Girls bumper stickers… “Alaska Girls, Organic and Wild.” “Alaska Girls Kick Ass.” That kind of thing. I have a lot of Alaska pride.

I don’t have any tattoos. I tend to be of the opinion that I don’t really have the right to make such permanent decisions for the person I’ll be a few years from now. I mean, I still resent the hell out of the person I was a few years back buying a house and getting me so fucking stuck in Pennsylvania. But I think an Alaska Grown tramp stamp would be so hot, and so perfect for me.

I also (gotta admit it) can see it being a little profitable. Here in the summer a lot of locals are a little miffed about all the strippers from the lower 48 swooping in for the summer money. (My little sister calls the lower 48 “america” and calls people from down there “foreign fucks.”) Just the other night a local guy was complaining that he got lapdances with both of the Vegas girls and they were awful dances, so impersonal, no eye contact, etc. I told him to stick with Alaskan strippers. Look for the Alaska Grown tattoo.

Outside of Alaska, when I can get DJ’s to play up my Alaskan-ness, it helps me make bank. Everyone wants to talk to me and tell me about their aunts friends cousin who went away to Alaska back in the day and no one’s heard from him since. Or they want to know is it really dark all the time and how cold is it and do I live in an igloo?

So I see an Alaska Grown tatt helping my income a bit.

But then there are those customers who absolutely adore that I don’t have any tattoo’s and implore me to never mar my perfect body with that kind of trash. I’d never again get to be the only girl with no tattoos.

I wish they made tattoos that would just last for a year or two.

(People are starving and being pimped out and killing the planet we all live on, and I’m worrying about a tramp stamp. Yeesh.)


  1. Divine Goddess Tara,

    I know you can get temp tattoos made up for promos & stuff, although ya might have to get 100 of them!

    And being the clever capitalist I know you are, you could sell the extras to the other Genuine Alaskan gals.

    I have the same thing here in Vegas, huge influx of Cali girls. I get attitude from people when they ask if I was born and raised here, and that answer is no, but golly what constitutes local since I have been here 7 years and own a house?

    Remind me to search for a temp tattoo place for ya if you dont find one yourself, I’m supposed to have left for work already. 2:15AM now, sigh, thank Neptune Vegas is 24 hrs


  2. That is a very cute tattoo idea. Speaking from experience, body mods are very addictive. Most people can’t stick with just one, so maybe the temp tats are a good way to go. 😉

  3. It’s a great idea Tara. I usually get mine from a dollar store. Lasts a short while (who cares, they only cost a buck!!). Don’t worry about not having tattoos on you. Apparently, they are expensive to remove and the procedure leaves a scar on you (oh, how lovely….NOT).

    Just wondering if you have a special stage name you use when you are wondering? The lady I used to live with calls herself “Tigeress”.

    Blessed be and have a wonderful evening.

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