Every Bed in Town

I wake up with a woman in my bed. She’s kicking around and pushing at the blankets. “Goddamn it’s freakin hot,” she says. She’s sleeping on the side with lots of feathers. I’m sleeping on the cold side. “Stoppit,” I say, still half asleep, “it’s twenty below out there. Take off some of your shirts… Continue reading Every Bed in Town

Boobie power

It’s like total systems failure here. The cell phone towers were down. The laptop blew up. I woke up with a flat tire and frozen lug nuts, and then the battery died too. Now I’m about get kicked out of this internet cafe that’s closing – so enjoy this thing I wrote a while ago… Continue reading Boobie power

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Hello all faithful readers

Tara’s laptop blew up on her today, and so she is temporarily offline. Hoping that it is just a power source issue, and not a fried motherboard. If you need to get ahold of her you can email and she’ll check it when she gets access, or you can comment here and I’ll pass the… Continue reading Hello all faithful readers


The memorial was at a Mormon church. I’m sure you can imagine that I had no idea where the Mormon church was. Luckily we called a customer-friend who was on his way and he led us there. We pulled into the big parking lot and parked next to our friend on the edge of the… Continue reading Memory

The Big Bad Wolf

There have been so many things written about the symbolism and metaphor of peoples fear of wildness. Fencing out the coyotes while they turn their backs to their own wildness, shooting wolves as they kill off every last will full part of themselves. I’m not really up to writing my own rendition, and I’m also… Continue reading The Big Bad Wolf


If you’re one of the people I owe an email: I’m very very sorry. I’m working on it but things are kind of hectic and there’s a huge email back up. You all have little stars next to you and I’m eliminating the un-starred things and will be answering you soon. Sorry for the slowness.