Call for Poems and Stories: The Oldest Profession

(I realize this doesn’t interest everyone… but I bet more than a few of you are writers and sex workers.)

Jenni Russell is guest editing the summer issue of MiPOesias (issue will be available on the web). We are seeking poems and stories with a sex work theme or twist. Poems and stories do not have to be written by sex workers or even from the perspective of a sex worker. They do not have to be overtly political—for or against sex work—maybe a sex worker is a character in the story or the speaker of the poem is making an observation about pornography, phone sex operators, peep shows, prostitution, stripping, pimps, brothels, a massage parlor, male revue, courtesans, etc. Perhaps the character in the story frequents strip clubs. They can also be based on religious or historical figures, like Mary Magdalene or Mata Hari. Also feel free to write response poems or use characters from paintings, poems, novels, and stories featuring sex workers. Think broadly. Dozens of poems and stories feature sex workers as characters, objects of affection, pity, and scorn. Sex workers are not limited to women. Men are sex workers too—think Chip N Dale dancers, Hunkmania, male escorts, gigolos, porn actors: gay, straight, and transgender. Also feel free to play with the definition of prostitution—is it limited to sex work or are there other forms of prostitution in the broader public sphere that do not include sex?

Please submit poems and stories as a Word attachment. In the subject line, please title your submission: “Poem/Story for Oldest profession” depending upon if you are submitting a poem or story. You may submit both, but please keep them in separate attachments. Submit up to seven poems or one story under 5,000 words. Please include short bio in the body of the email. Please this call to

Deadline: March 15, 2008. Issue will be published online Summer 2008.

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