Bad power cord

So I have a great story to tell, but no battery power to type it with. I’m hoping to remedy this tomorrow.

A Winter Recipe

Ingredients: Cacao Nibs Brandy Agave Nectar Mint (optional) 1. Take two big handfulls of cacao nibs. If you have one of those fancy coffee grinders or something, grind them. Otherwise just put them in a bag and bang on them with a rock or hammer to smash them up a little. 2. Put the nibs… Continue reading A Winter Recipe

This is true

Not true in the traditional sense of the word, because I changed it all, but true in a deeper way. One of the truest things in the world. I don’t know how long I’ll leave this up; I’m not sure how I feel about pimping out my past. But, for now, here it is. “I… Continue reading This is true

Strippers, Snipers, and Bombs

It’s midnight and I’m shimmying in front of a coked up sniper named Jim. Moments like these it’s good to stop and ask yourself, “self, is this really what you want to be doing?” I learned to talk to myself that way in college statistics and I’ve never stopped. “You’ll see,” Jim says. “You’ll fucking… Continue reading Strippers, Snipers, and Bombs

Dream lovers

Usually my dreams are not about me. They’re about other people and I watch them and listen to see what the themes are and stuff because they are narrated a lot like books. I mean, I even have dreams with complicated time-schemas, where you start at the end and then find out what happened to… Continue reading Dream lovers