1. Beautiful. Is that a pic of you at the top of her post, Tara? You must realize what an inspiration you are.

  2. “Beautiful” is so tame as a descriptive term for this, an outpouring of love and respect via prose. Tara, you deserve every bit – plus more – of what she wrote. And I echo the question: what ARE we all doing here?

  3. I know beautiful is too tame. I wanted to write an incredible introduction to it, but it makes me kind of speechless.

  4. I feel nearly embarrassed in its wake. There are no words here either. I could mash a bunch together and try with: inspirationgloryhelpearthsearcherodewhirldreamlove…but no, that won’t do it either.

    oh. sigh. Thanks to Davka for her amazing feats of word.

  5. I love your writing, I love the way you embrace your soul. You are a holy person, an wise tree giving shelter to young shrubs and a variety of insects, birds and animals. Thanks for teaching your readers about a centered inner life.

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