A Winter Recipe

Cacao Nibs
Agave Nectar
Mint (optional)

1. Take two big handfulls of cacao nibs. If you have one of those fancy coffee grinders or something, grind them. Otherwise just put them in a bag and bang on them with a rock or hammer to smash them up a little.

2. Put the nibs in a canning jar. If you like mint with your chocolate, put 2-4 big three finger pinches of mint in there too.

3. Cover with brandy and ignore for as long as you can (6 weeks is optimal, but 2 weeks is okay).

4. Strain a little out. Add a little agave nectar, taste, maybe add a little more, etc., until you get it right.

5. When that’s gone, strain out a little more and mix with agave nectar again.

Consume one dropperful, or one little bitty sip, at a time. Besides being very yummy, the cacao makes you happy and the peppermint is very mildly de-stressing.

If you don’t have a good/local source for cacao nibs, Amazon has the best online price. You can, of course, find them on Amazon with the little Amazon search widget over there. –>


  1. Yummy! I presume you mean dried mint; but I have wild spearmint all over the place here–do you think fresh would work just as well?

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  3. i feel crazier and happier than usual these days and i should like something to anchor that mood. i wonder whether my tulpa (an agave. i have a life long love affair with agavaceae) will forgive me if i use some of it for that… thanks for posting it, tara.

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