I'm back!

Way back when I bought my laptop, I gave the laptop before to Darcy, who used it for a little while before she got a new laptop. Now that my laptops outta the running for a bit, this old laptop has made it’s way back to me. Thanks Darcy!!!

It’s soooo slow though. It literally took 45 minutes to boot up and get on the internet. I mean, I was gonna do this while my laundry was washing, but now my laundry is done. There are resource conflicts, date conflicts, windoze issues, and who knows what else. But it works! And a bunch of my old writing that I thought I had backed up but didn’t really is still here. 😀

So, the International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers happened while I was out of the internet loop. This is really important. I was going to write something long and meaningful about how violence is not just the end result: men killing women. Violence is initiated, justified, and institutionalized by the way people use language, by everyone who calls us whore and means it in a bad way, everyone who rolls their eyes and says of course strippers do drugs, fuck a bunch of people, are worthless in this culture and deserve to be killed. I guess I kind of missed the boat for writing that though, so instead I’ll just link you to Daisy Anarchy’s poem, and encourage you to read the other info on that site.

I also missed my promised holiday shopping list. Maybe some of you are late shoppers, though, so I’m gonna give you a short sweet list of people who’s stuff I wholeheartedly recommend:
Susan Grace – Great Alaskan folk music with strong ecofeminist undertones. Susan is an incredibly great person, and that comes through in her music as well.
Esther Golton – Newer Alaskan folk music. She does amazing things with the dulcimer, and uses it perfectly in a gazillion different styles. She writes good music, and also covers some good songs from little known peoples.
Feral Feminine – She makes cloth pads with happy face red stains already sewn on. Maybe you know a feral woman who is tired of using wool socks as pads? This is what to get her. 😀
Blue Turtle Botanicals – Cause, duh, when have I ever not recommended Darcy?

Things have happened in the blogoshpere while I was gone too.

Wendy’s RV has finally bit the dust for real. It was from the seventies and if you know Wendy you know how amazing she and this RV are. Wendy has a lot of health challenges right now and lives on just $560/month, which is even further stretched because she has to pay for camping spots with electricity for her oxygen machine. If 200 people sent her $10, she could get a van. To donate, go to her new blog and click “Donate to Van Fund.” If you wanna get your money’s worth from your donation, check out her old Peace and Carrots Farm website, which is a crazy wealth of information.

Also, Grace is maybe retiring from stripping, and she’s doing countdown posts of her last ten days. Everything Grace writes especially resonates with me. Her approach to stripping is similar to mine and she’s an incredible writer. Go check out her countdown posts.


  1. Love Graces blog- it reminds me of the perspective I got to after many years in the industry, after many layers of conditioning dropped away- for the most part.

  2. glad the computer made it safely to you. Sorry it is so slow. But that is what happens to old computers I guess.

    Happy solstice, merry merry!
    Miss you dear!


  3. Hey Tara! Happy New Year. I’m writing this using Puppy Linux 3.01, by far the best and quickest Linux OS distro out there. It is perfect for an old slow laptop , it’s free, will run from a multisession cd or dvd or flashdrive, (you don’t even have to install it on your hard drive) and you’ll think you’re using a brand new screaming fast machine. Does wifi, has a ton of free software of every description, doesn’t get viruses, and has a great forum for users. Kicks the shit out of MS-anything for most purposes. I can’t say enough good about it…absolutely amazing. Look it up on Google and I almost guarantee you will want to start using it.
    By the way, you make me laugh. Your joy comes through loud and clear, you have a wry wit and a gift for breaking down both internal and external processes for the reader. I’m a playwright composer performer director etc etc who belongs to the vandwellers group and that’s how I ran into your site. I LOVE people who are intelligent, educated, and non-traditional (a lot of actors are like that as well) so I really appreciate your observations. When I first saw your pages I was in a hostel in San Francisco and started chuckling so much that the girl from Holland at the next computer wondered what the hell was wrong with me. In fact, most of the people in the room did too, so i told them I had stumbled onto a philosopher who was also a stripper by trade, and that we should all thank God for the internet.
    I spend a lot of my own time thinking about the human condition so that when I write, it rings true for the audience. You do this in a way that has made me a fan, so thank you!
    A couple of questions about you (they may be already answered on your site but I haven’t read it all yet): Are you lesbian, or bi-sexual or neither? I saw a reference or two to your girlfriends that made me think you preferred women. I have heard a lot of strippers do, but that may be just a mistaken perception. What is your take on that subject?
    Also, if you had to single out your favorite city so far, what would it be, and why?
    Well, all for now; just got back from a mega-Christmas-roadtrip to Bend Oregon and I’m tired as hell, but still very taken with your mind.

  4. It’s never too late to be anti-violence against women. I’d love to read what you would write. And if you write it now, perhaps we can use it next year at our vigil.

  5. Darcy, the laptop was that way anyways, that’s why I got a new one. Nothing to do with you, so don’t apologize, k?

    Lia, thanks. I’ll try to remember to let you know if I write anything like that before next year.

    David… wow, thanks for all the compliments! And questions… am I a lesbian? I don’t fit in any boxes, but I guess you could say I’m a dyke who fucks guys every couple years or so. Stripper = lesbian? No, and I think that promotes a lot of harmful stereotypes, especially about men being so horrible that regular exposure to them drives strippers to become lesbians. There are definitely a lot of bisexual/bi-curious strippers tho. I think just being in that sexually charged environment with a bunch of naked women will foster an appreciation for women.

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