buck tuckin'

Did I mention that here in small town America they have a name for stage side tipping, and it’s buck tuckin.  As in, “hey girl I’m sorry I didn’t come up to tuck bucks but you know I don’t like to go up to the stage without my buck tuckin buddies.”  Ain’t it cute?

I’m still here, because of the post office. I went dumpster diving and found a fabulous garment bag that I have affixed to the side of my van with zip ties and am going to fill with all the random yarn that’s kicking around the van (people keep giving me yarn – it’s amazing how much yarn the average middle aged woman has in her closet from that project she meant to do last year, and how she just gives it to me after she sees me crocheting in the park).

I also got a Smart Mug. If you live in a vehicle, you need a Smart Mug. They have a digital temperature reading/setting. They go up to 160 degrees, and yes, you can cook at that temperature. They seem to have been discontinued and are mostly only available on ebay, so run and get one quick!

I also emptied out my drawer of stripperella outfits and managed to condense it all into one bag. Then I moved my stack of canned food back to the drawer that used to be occupied by strippershit and photo albums, opening up a world of space under the bed. Maybe someday I’ll get drawers and put my herbs in them instead of the basket they’re in now…


  1. I’m envying you greatly. After a winter of severe depression I’m having to go through m 2600 square foot house and declutter, organize and generally unfunk. I never truly understood the concept of stuff owning YOU until now. I really do feel owned. And I’ve been daydreaming about your lifestyle. Someday… 🙂

    By the way, I’m Dottie Rebel on SW. 🙂

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