I've discovered The Perfect Strip Club

I have. It’s taken me the last decade or so of dancing, but I’ve finally found one that doesn’t seem to be a seasonal phenomena. These are the qualities that contribute to it’s perfection:

1) $$$$ – the clientele have a good amount of disposable income, and they aren’t afraid to spend it.
2) Managment – is pretty hands-off cool. The fees are high ($50-100/night) but it’s worth it.
3) Stage oriented – I’m not a stage girl, I make most of my money selling dances. I’ve noticed before, though, that as a general rule clubs where the dancers and customers place a large value on a good stage show have polite, well behaved customers who appreciate dancing nekkid girls for just what we are and don’t expect anything more.
4) Private dance set up – There tend to be two extremes. Either a bouncer stands right over me while I’m dancing, intimidating the customer out of buying more and slapping me with ridiculous fines if the customer touches me, or the dances are in a very private room where no one watches and the norms eventually sink to prostitution. This place is perfectly in the middle. The private dance areas are little three sided booths lined up with mirrors on the opposite wall. The bouncer sits in the next booth. It *feels* private, but they can see. Even better, if a customer misbehaves, he gets in trouble, not me.

Four simple things that so many clubs are lacking.

Of course, now that I’ve found The Perfect Club, I’m driving away from it, because I’m booked to be back in that drunken christian town.


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