finally got the vanhold all to myself again

 A few days ago we were at a healthfood store where my friend has a membership (she’s got them all over the country), and the cashier guy was giving us a hard time about both using the membership, because it’s not for friends. I told him we were roomates at the moment.

“Oh, you share the same household?” he asked.

I had to think about that one. “Actually, it’s more of a van-hold.”

“You live in a van?” he asked.


“Down by the river?” <– Everybody says that. It comes from something that happened with some people who used to live in the TeeVee. I’m not sure about the particulars, but when people say it it makes them laugh. If I say it they don’t laugh, so I let them say it.

I liked having my friend with me, but her huge duffle bag, two suitcases, and other random little bags buried my stuff and I couldn’t get to anything. Now it’s all me and I’m reclaiming space… I really need to take everything out and put it all back in right.

The sliding door on the side is having some challenges now. The vinyl siding part is coming loose, so to open it you have to be on the inside and apply pressure in the right spot with your foot while opening the latch. I’m sure it’s a simple fix, but I haven’t had a moment to myself in a few days.

I’m suddenly really motivated to work and save money to buy land, but I’m also really tired of being in cities and aching to go be by a river for a while. I like people, but the more I’m around them the more I realize I’m happier when I’m not. I’m booked next week back in that little drunk christian town though, and the money here is too good to not work tonight. So I’ll work tonight, drive five hundred miles Sunday, and then work six days in a row. Then I’m going to hole up by a river.

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