My History

Going through my mom’s garage, we found some things.  These are the mittens and mukluks I wore when I was a little kid, all made by my mom: This is a parka my mom made for me out of the skin of an unborn caribou that an elder gave her for me when I was… Continue reading My History

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A rolling stone…

A consultation with my calender yesterday showed that this was my most profitable week at this club last year. Unlike most Americans, but probably like most strippers, I don’t fill my calendar in advance: instead I fill it retroactively, jotting down the night before’s earnings every morning-after-work. The calendars are all in a big envelope,… Continue reading A rolling stone…

At The Front Lines of the Patriarchy: Conversations With God in the Titty Bar

“God,” he says, by way of introduction, reaching up to shake my hand. This is his assertion of dominance. A man with money in a room full of hungry whores. “Goddess,” I respond, pulling my dress down to protect my ass from the roughness of the chair as I sit next to him. My assertion… Continue reading At The Front Lines of the Patriarchy: Conversations With God in the Titty Bar

Materia Medica: Poplar

Last year I was driving north through Canada, disappointed that I’d missed poplar budding season in Alaska, when I pulled over in the mountains and found a whole stand of baby poplar trees by a little stream that were just starting to bud. I spent two or three hours there picking the buds, sliding into… Continue reading Materia Medica: Poplar

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Craziest link to me ever

This has to be the craziest link to me ever. She’s some kinda serious patriarchal monothiest, and she’s writing a post explaining that “wanking is bad.” As evidence of this she quotes what I said about masturbation a while back and then explains that masturbation is bad because condoms lead to casual sex. Also, it’s… Continue reading Craziest link to me ever

Davka's New Van

Davka has the van I wish I’d been living in for the last two years instead of this Astro. It’s an Econoline 150 with the 4.9. Practically the same gas mileage I get with way more space. She got it from a guy who got it from a guy who lived in it when he… Continue reading Davka's New Van

I didn't even like comics…

…until the first time I went to Stephanie McMillans page, Minimum Security. These are anti-civ comics at their finest, or maybe at their only. Everything she writes (draws?) is so true, awesomely sarcastic, and funny at the same time. The first time I clicked, she had great stuff about polar bears and Alaska and salmon.… Continue reading I didn't even like comics…