Book Review: The Leather Daddy and The Femme by Carol Queen

This is a book about revolutionary sex.

Miranda is a dyke, with a kink for gay leather men. One day she manages to pick up Jack, the first leather daddy who doesn’t toss her out of his bed when he discovers her cunt. It’s all unconditional love and kink from there on out, with a huge dose of San Francisco LGBT history. Miranda and Jack go to all kinds of play parties with Miranda strapping it on and going as a boy or dressing up in high femme drag. There are men only parties, women only parties, tranny make overs, and lots of kinky sex.

Much thanks to Charlie for turning me on to this book.


  1. I cannot believe I haven’t read this yet!! Heard of it, but somehow it keeps falling off my radar. Well, thank god it’s back on. I can’t wait!

  2. That sounds delicious. Wonder how that one slipped by me? Thanks for the review, I’m definitely adding that to my list.

  3. Oh, Tara- Thanks for pushing one of my favorite books ever, written by one of my favorite authors, and people, ever!
    A great, hot, *and* edifying read!

    Hell, I have even been inspired to try a particular sex act by that book (once got a friend to give my strap-on a handjob inside someone’s mindbogglingly, inspiringly capacious butt , while thinking of Jack!). How many books can claim that?

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