I didn't even like comics…

…until the first time I went to Stephanie McMillans page, Minimum Security. These are anti-civ comics at their finest, or maybe at their only. Everything she writes (draws?) is so true, awesomely sarcastic, and funny at the same time. The first time I clicked, she had great stuff about polar bears and Alaska and salmon. Now it’s about blowing up credit lenders and rubbing dog belly.

Stephanie just wrote a book of comics with Derrick Jensen. Click on her left side bar to get it directly from her (buying local on the web: writers do best if you buy direct from them).


  1. Oh, cool, T. I went ahead and deleted your comment – I’m glad that you found your way there and hopefully any other like minded people, but I wouldn’t want anyone following me from here to there. And, um, when I deleted your comment I accidentally hit spam instead of delete. Can you still comment? Try and see if it works? hobostripper@gmail.com if it doesn’t.

  2. I LOVE comics of all sorts, but this one is really awesome! I added the feed, and bid on one of the artist’s ebay auctions. :mrgreen:

    You are a joy to read and a pleasure to brush up against in this odd little medium of non-physical interaction. Thank you for existing!

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