T-Shirt Surgery

Everyone’s doing it, so I tried it too.  My favorite shirt is cool now.

I didn’t mean to expose this much skin, but somewhere between the test shirt and this shirt things went slightly awry.  Oh well.


  1. the blur you use on your face is disturbing. also, I’ve never understood why you block your face in pictures.

    cool shirt tho

  2. Hi Tara, its snowtiggernd from the news group. It looks alright …..yea why do you blur your face??

  3. I understand all too well why you block your pictures. It’s like telling people where you sleep, every day for the rest of your life.

  4. Scott, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t participate in any newsgroups?

    Fooqwah, that’s okay, you don’t have to understand. 😉 But if it disturbs you you might consider either working on the issue that causes you to be disturbed, or not reading here.

  5. I don’t find it disturbing that you blurred your face but I tend to agree that the blur you have chosen is disturbing. The wavy lines of almost-facial-features is otherworldly in a way that a black box is not.

    It’s not a big deal but looking at the photos did give me a bit of a chill in a silly sort of way. Funny how photographs can affect us. 🙂

  6. Tara, I agree about the creepiness. Not that you blur your face (which I wholeheartedly encourage amongst all bloggers) but that ripply affect that makes your skin look like it has waves. Ew (I know thats totally a quirky me thing). I love the t-shirt though!

  7. Shoot, Tara- I think you are extremely wise to blur your face. In my 14 years of Pro-domme work, I’ve never, ever shown my complete face in my advertising or publicity. (This also has meant a lot of outfits with hats or veils or masks for public appearances like the Folsom Street Fair where I can’t control the cameras!) “Mistress Tatiana Belodyne” has probably hundreds photos on the web, but none that are completely facially recognizable. I want to maintain some privacy, and also a level of plausible deniability, should the pendulum swing too far to the conservative side…

  8. I don’t think you’re exposing too much skin. Actually, I’d rather see it without the bra but thats me. :mrgreen:

    But seriously, the shirt does look nice and it is very appropriate for you! I hope you’re still making good progress with your new van.

    I completely understand about not wanting to show you face. I’m in forums quite a bit and there are some things that I just don’t reveal to protect my privacy and possibly my safety.


  9. Since I am late I’ll just second Steelheart, especially about the bra (two green smilies;-).
    Why don’t you just cut the photo? Obviously you have to protect your privacy but that blur is aesthetically disturbing.

  10. Hey, you’re wearing your preferred address!

    Everyone please project the image of your goddess of choice into that blurry area.

  11. Nice job on the shirt. I find T-shirt material a tad difficult to work with because of the stretchiness. Did you design it yourself or get the idea from a book? Once, I saw a design similar to the one you made, but it was cut and tied together in the middle of the front and back instead of the sides. Very sexy!

  12. Thank you for blurring your face. I know you do it for me because it’s the only way I can cum to your hawt pics. Swiiiiirly face sexy girl!


    Just kidding. I hope that my comment was more aesthetically unpleasant than the blur people are complaining about. I don’t wonder why you blur it (I know it’s not for the reason I pretended to give), and I don’t think hacking your pics up is a better solution, either.

    But maybe you could hire an artist to photoshop a lovely faux-hobo-stripper face in your place? And you could commission this artist every time you want to post a photo of a t-shirt or something that happens to have your face in it?


  13. I remember a few weeks/months ago you were advertising some pictures of yourself sans clothes. Did you blur your face on those you were selling or did you make them in a way that didn’t show your face?
    Also, noticed that the link to Davka is gone from your list of friends. Hope it’s not something serious.

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