Wonder Man Awards

As long as we’re having Wonder Woman awards I want to have Wonderful Man awards too. When I google image’d Wonder Man, this is the only non violent or misogynist picture that came up, so… here it is.

WildeRix is my favorite guy on the blogosphere. Check out his Wage Slavery series and his rewilding musings.

This guy is my hero. I seriously want to print out everything he posts, just in case I need it when I don’t have internet or something happens to his site. I hope he makes a book out of it someday very soon.

Derrick Jensen is my other hero. If you haven’t read all his books you should.

And of course, my van dwelling fore father, Van Dweller.


  1. You flatter me, Tara. Thanks for the amazing honor. Of all the “good blogs” you have in your blogroll, that I get to take home the non-violent, non-misogynist trophy really blows my mind. Also, I have to give you credit for inspiring my series with your Ten Lives: a meme post.

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