I just wanna tell y’all that school is totally nuts. It’s like stepping into another world, which is constantly changing and never makes sense, and this is what these kids grow up with thirty something hours a week. First is the fun part. I get to take two sweet little kids and practice making letters… Continue reading School

Stripping has ruined me for the real world

“This is Susie Smith, she’s Jimmy’s mom,” my mom says. “Susie, this is my daughter Tara, she’s going to be subbing for a while.” “Hi Susie,” I say. “You’ve raised a great kid. Jimmy was a big help when I was here a couple weeks ago.” See, I imagine that there are social rules, and… Continue reading Stripping has ruined me for the real world

Rape is NOT an Occupational Hazard!

Remember the link I posted a while ago, to the story about the prostitute who was gang raped at gun point and the Judge said that it was theft of services, not rape? Well. If you live in Philly, tomorrow is the day to vote Judge Deni out. There’s a virtual rally today at BoundNotGagged.


I leave town under cover of night, as usual. It’s only seven, but it’s already been dark for hours. Every day the newspapers report the daylight hours, and any time I talk to my mom she passes it on to me: there were 5 hours and 42 minutes of daylight. At first there are little… Continue reading driving

about hate

This is a picture of the sign my bigoted neighbors in PA put in their yard when they realised that me and my girlfriend were moving out and the neighborhood children were safe from the sinful proximity of lesbians. We snuck into their yard and took this picture on our way out of town. From… Continue reading about hate


I would like to write something really awesome for you guys, but my brain is empty. I’ve been visiting a friend who’s not feeling well, I’ve gotten a little sick myself, and all the concrete and television has gotten to me. My head is a big ball of fuzz. No worries tho, I’m on my… Continue reading nothing