Wonder Woman!

  Colleen tagged me with this Wonder Woman award, and now I get to pass it on to more Wonderful Women! Wendy is a wonder-ful woman who had a succesful homestead, raised and unschooled a great kid, and now travels the world in an antique RV and being all Jesus-ey. Susan is wonder-stripper. She is drama-free… Continue reading Wonder Woman!

home-town judgin'

I was sixteen and I was getting a restraining order against my father when the letter came in the mail from the court. The first page said that the hearing was being rescheduled. The dates were typed in with that darker ink in the spaces in the form for the old dates and new dates,… Continue reading home-town judgin'

Stories From The Road: "Well, you don't look exceedingly rich…"

Last weekend while my mother’s husband and I were replacing my alternator he found my oil leak: two lines that went from the block above the filter to an oil cooler thingy beside the radiator. Which was really good, because ever since the last time I changed my oil a couple weeks ago the van… Continue reading Stories From The Road: "Well, you don't look exceedingly rich…"

It's getting to be quite enough of that

Today I had to participate (very peripherally, unfortunately) in making eleven 5-7 year olds sit with their heads down for an hour and a half. Their crime? They were given an hour and a half to sit at their desks and independently finish several assignments. They didn’t finish them. So, during recess, library, and gym… Continue reading It's getting to be quite enough of that

Quilting Club

I just got back from a quilting club meeting that I attended with my mother, who doesn’t quilt. The quilting club is the only thing happening here, aside from high school basketball, and you don’t have to actually quilt to participate.  In fact, a few of them never sew at all.  Never having been to… Continue reading Quilting Club

Underworld Reality (you know: social deviance)

I’ve written about this before, of course. When you’re a stripper you’re not really subject to all the craziness of the “real world.” Or I’m not anyways, I hope you’re not either but if you are, just disregard all my generalizations. No one expects you to get up early every day, no one expects you… Continue reading Underworld Reality (you know: social deviance)

Tis The Season

It’s about that time. People are about to start buying each other things. It’s crazy. I get tons of things I’d never consider using, and I’ll also buy some useless shit in order to exchange what I hope passes for good vibes with people who live in an entirely different world than me. I mean,… Continue reading Tis The Season