Tis The Season

It’s about that time. People are about to start buying each other things.

It’s crazy. I get tons of things I’d never consider using, and I’ll also buy some useless shit in order to exchange what I hope passes for good vibes with people who live in an entirely different world than me. I mean, these are not the kind of people who appreciate a salve, a special tea blend, or even some home canned winter immune supporting soup. They are afraid of botulism and witchcraft.

I’m sure you have some similar gift buying dilemnas. How to get acceptable token gifts without feeding the corporations?

I have a solution. Or a band aid. However you want to look at it.

We all want to support our communities, right? Buy local. I’d have to drive an hour to buy anything, right now, and it would just be gas and gas station food. And who knows where I’ll be next month? So I’ve decided that my community is less about locality and more about that weird definition of community where we get grouped together because we have something in common. You know: the LGBT community, the vandwelling community, the feminist community (ha), the sex worker community.

So, I want to support my communit(ies?). I have this blog, which gets, you know, some traffic. I’m going to do the logical thing, and make a holiday shopping guide so that all of you can support my community too.

Leave a comment with your selling-spot and I’ll put you in the guide.


  1. You’d think people would appreciate gifts with real meaning behind them.

    To be honest, I preffer crafting gifts that my boyfriend’s parents make me to anything else. Last year they bought me a ton of art supplies and I was in heaven! Unfortunately, since I’m a digital artist by trade, most of the gifts from my parents tend to be computer accesories..

    But don’t stop giving salves and teas and all that kinda stuff. I really don’t see what witchcraft has to do with tea.. but whatever!

  2. I’d totally buy. I’m part of the prickly, sparce feminist community (and I loved that you “ha’d” that–it’s funny ’cause it’s true). And for the past couple of years, I’ve tried to get my family to give me recipes for the holidays…family as well as people I don’t know well. I would LOVE it if anyone in my acquaintance gave me something they made–particularly a salve or tea blend. Wanna be my secret Santa? Oh, well. If you want to put together a list of items/vendors that would support your community, I think that would be a lovely tribute to the season.

  3. Maybe the people at queercents might help you find for lgbt entreprenuers. http://www.queercents.com
    They are mostly focused on bringing LGBT folks into the financial mainstream, talking about fixing your credit and how to budget better, etc. But they talk about entrepreneurship and maybe if you shot them an email they could suggest some good websites and vendors.
    Also the people who advertise with magazines like Bitch or Bust are often woman and/or queer centered. Bust has an online “girl wide web” with woman centered businesses here:

    I would totally use your shopping guide and I think it’s a great twist on “buying local”, espec. for those whose locality is remote.

  4. My husband and I don’t exchange gifts for birthdays or holidays. We have all the “stuff” we need, and usually if we want something, we just go buy it. Why wait for a particular day? So for birthdays and holidays we always do something that we both want to do. So, for the past two years in December (which has my bday and Xmas in the same week) we have gone to Disney World. In February (which ironically has Vday and hubby’s Bday in the same week) he gets to choose where we go and what we do together.

    My mom doesn’t get it. Last year the only presents under our tree were the ones that she brought and hubby’s mom sent. Although it may ruin any Xmas morning surprises, my mom always asks me what I want for xmas…and gets it. Hubby’s mom sends me really nice things that she likes. Its the thought that counts.

  5. Just stumbled across your blog. I think I’ll be back! Your mother/daughter tale, as well as how you peed made me think, laugh, and cry, not necessarily in that order.

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  7. Well… I’m fundraising to replace my service dog in training(Mal’s got some soundness issues developing) so have re-done my jewelry/art website – Shinystuff.us

  8. I think it’s a great idea but I’m not sure I understand how you want to put it into practice?

    I’ll start with what we have here:

    Spain. We have the most wonderfullest tasting salted almonds available for next to nothing at the market. Spices too, I should do a photograph of the stall, loose spices of every type for you to buy. I get wonderful peppercorns and fennel seeds and “paella spice” of unknown origin. These put the little jars of tasteless powder to shame. I should admit that saffron isnt’ cheap even here. Olive oil, wine, Moroccan ashtrays, expensive to ship but cheap to buy.

    Postal service from hell, there’s a real issue with that. I don’t think I’d dare ship anything after the first and expect it to arrive in time…

  9. Okay, Im not selling anything, ah thats a lie, actually Im selling a whole lot. 😯 However, the “plug” about to make is not for me. It is actually for the BEST HONEY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! The company makes the same claim as I do so perhaps we are right. The farm is called Cox Honey Farm, located in Idaho, http://www.coxhoneyfarms.com.
    I have not tried their regular honey products, only because I am sooooo in love with their whipped honey. Because it is whipped it creamy, spoonable without making a mess, and you can keep it in the fridge (or in a van in cold temperatures) without worrying about it crystalizing. 😛 A farmer friend of mine turned me on to it a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Not only does it taste better than regular honey you can scoop some out with a spoon or your finger and it doesnt drip of have strings of goo! Very handy…. I just bought 15lbs!!!! WEEEEE! Everyone is getting honey for Christmas!

    Your whore,
    Jill Parker

  10. Wonderful idea. I love your idea of community.

    I’m a Tarot reader based in Massachusetts, and I offer gift certificates year-round through my website.

    Seasons Greetings!

    -Anna Murphy

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