If you are a spell weaving or candle lighting or reiki sending person, please do some for Bro. His spine is all out of wack, which isn’t totally unusual except that our canine chiropracting friend can’t fix it like normal. It’s making all his muscles cramp up down into his stomach, and pinching a nerve that makes him think he has to pee all the time.

All my herbs are out at the cabin, but I happened to have some narcotics around for emergencies, and that helped a lot with his pain and muscle spasms. We’re headed to a vet very soon, but the good chiropracting, chinese medicine doing vet that I know in this area isn’t answering her phone, and I’m reluctant to go to some strange vet who will just take an x-ray and give us some muscle relaxers and pain killers.


  1. I had a medium sized dog that had spine problems from getting jumped on by a big lab. So every once in a while I’d have a strong person grab hold of his tail as close to his butt as possible while I held him in the middle and together we’d lift up then lower his head while supporting him till his head was facing the floor. Sometimes we’d do this up to three times and we’d hear all the spine pops and he’d be angry and growly (I think it upset his dignity) till he’d walk a few steps and have no pain, then he’d wag his tail and lick our hands. It’s important to support the dog under the chest and waist when putting him on the floor so he doesn’t twist something in his spine. I don’t know if this would help Bo or not, but dogs who have been abused (kicked or hit by horrible humans) this can really help them. Hope Bo feels all right.

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