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Bro, working hard to dislodge a Big Stick the beavers stuck in the mud at the bottom of the river:

Bear poop for DeAnna:

Where the beaver have been hard at work:

(I’m trying to upload more, but it’s taken most of my battery power to upload these. Maybe I’ll do more tomorrow.)


  1. I love beavers (the animal). This spring one has moved onto brook and constructed a dam that has inundated 3 or 4 of the acres on the property. Simply amazing how much work goes into cutting trees, dam building, gathering branches for food. Plus the trout population is swelling.

  2. I see quite a resemblance between bear poop and odwalla bars.

    I really enjoy reading about your adventures.

  3. Thanks for the pictures. You sure that’s Bro, and not a mutant, white-furred beaver? 🙂

    As far as apply for the job and such – I’d say put in the application – that keeps your options open. In the meantime, life will probably help sort out which options are sensible.

  4. Great pictures! Please tell me DeAnna doesn’t have some clever method to turn bear poop into string for knitting 🙂

  5. Cranberry bear poop is red. Blueberry bear poop is blue.

    (So one time, when I was a little kid and my imaginary best friend was a bear, my mom was trying to get me to go for a walk with her and I was insisting that we had to wait for my bear friend to get dressed. My mom tried to tell me that bears are called bears because they are BARE, and hence don’t need to get dressed. I was like, uh, no, they’re called bears because they eat BEAR-ies. Duh!)

  6. Awesome! I didn’t realize cranberries were in season up there, I thought they came later in the fall. But then I realized that it sort of *is* later in the fall there. 🙂

    Mike, no I haven’t figured out how to make string out of bear poop, but just imagine how cool it would be to wander in the spring and find big tufts of bear undercoat as they shed and rub on trees and stuff. You could sell bear fur yarn for approximately one million dollars an ounce. You know, roughly.

    I was at an herbal conference last weekend and took a class about digestion. She suggested that if you’re curious to know how long it takes for something to move through your system, try eating a beet. Then your poop will be red just like the bear’s. 🙂

  7. p.s. Your pictures are really big. I believe the technical term for it is “gigantic”. It will take a lot less battery power if you reduce your picture size and/or resolution before you upload. They should be 72 pixels per inch and then however big you want them to be (say 8 or 10 inches wide). Right now, if I view them full size, they are approx 45 inches wide.

    Or if you don’t have a way to resize them (like with photoshop or paintshop or something), there’s probably a setting on your camera that will take them at a lower resolution so that they’re a manageable size for uploading. (The drawback of that approach is that they might not be a high enough resolution for printing.)

  8. On the image software, one of the best applications for photo editing is a free picture editor called irfanview, which you can download at The software is also quite light and loads very quickly. I wrote a bit of a guide for basic use, like cropping, resizing and so on at the downsizer forum

  9. The pics look an ok size to me, but all hobostripper pages take significantly longer to load than any other blog I read. Not sure why. It’s a good reason for putting a chunk of the post in the RSS feed, so that when on dial up or broadband limits you can get the gist of a post without having to try and load a page.

  10. DeAnna, thank you. I swear you’re the only voice of reason in my life, and you’re way out there in the interwebs.

    Judy, I’m so glad you’re back around! I’ve been thinking about your sites lately, and your veggie oil lamp! I’m doing it!

    Kate, I’m sorry. I don’t know why either. I’ve tried really hard lots of times to get the whole posts to show up in the RSS, and it just doesn’t work. Everythings set so it should be that way, but it doesn’t. Sorry. 🙁

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