Vibe Review: Gigi

I was so excited when I saw the Gigi on the VibeReview site. It looked like an even better shaped version of the Iris (my all time favorite)! I emailed them right away asking to try the Gigi on my next shipment.

In reality, they are not that similar. The Gigi is smaller and slimmer than the Iris. It’s got a sweet curve that puts the head in exactly the right place, and it has all the magical settings that the Iris does: seven speeds and five variations of pulsing. It’s made from easy to clean silicone and, like the other Lelo toys, it’s super soft and nice feeling. Also rechargeable.

If the Iris is too big for you, or you don’t like that filled up feeling, the Gigi is perfect. Personally, I prefer the Iris.

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  1. I think its silly to spend this much money on a sex toy…just my two cents, i’m glad you review them but I cannot see spending $$ to get an orgasm.

  2. Hey, doll! I just wanted to let you know that since discovering your blog a little while ago I have eagerly read every post from the very beginning. I feel so accomplished now that I’m caught up, but at the same time sad because now I have to wait every couple of days to get my much needed dose of Tara! You’re basically my favorite person, so if you’re ever in Hawaii e-mail me and we can hang out and i’ll lend you my shower 😉

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