Catching Up

Living in a van and being in the city is so stressful now. I just want to go home to the woods. I’m 1/6 of the way there, financially.

I got in touch with the good vet and she lined Bro’s spine up, vertabra by vertebra, but said it wasn’t that bad. His pee is bright (like B vitamin bright), but not smelly and there are no other signs of jaundice. She accunctured him and recommended that I treat him for a bladder infection even if he doesn’t have one and give him some good lower gi stuff, and if he’s not better in a couple days come back to test the urine.

Overall it was a good vet experience. She was totally cool with me deciding to give him narcotics on my own, and when I asked her what she’d recommend for a bladder infection she mentioned cranberry but said I probably knew better than her. I’m doing what she said and crossing my fingers, but I feel like there’s a bigger problem that hasn’t been identified or addressed.

I went to the health food store because all my herbs are out at the cabin. I got a cool stomach formula thingy in a capsule. It has clay and psylium and rosehips and other things. Then the bladder infection. She said cranberry, but my inclination was to go with olive leaf in case there was a bigger infection. But I’m rather opposed to olive leaf on principle, and she did say cranberry. So I got a cranberry glycerin tincture with some other stuff in it.

Then I went and work work worked. Seriously, strap on sex is hard work. One guy showed up with sexy victoria secret pink panties under his work shirt and scuffed jeans. Good vibe review material. 😎

And other, emotionally exhausting stuff happened too. I’ll write about all the funny stuff tomorrow.


  1. I just wanted to send healthy wishes for Bro this morning. I have read through all the archives this week and really enjoy your writings. I am one of those people who need the house, job and security of the suburbs, but I understand what you dealt with when you were younger. I had similar experiences with a now ex-step-brother. We moved around a lot and I had no roots growing up, so I need the settled life of a house and car and such. I teach buiness to high schoolers and I am so fulfilled in my life from that. If choosing to live in your cabin or van and stripping or analing men is your thing, Great!! I am happy that you are finding what makes you glow and prosper. Good luck and all that with Bro, the land and your new van. I do need a bit of advice for my daughter. She is 15 and is fighting the emotional distress of that age and hormones. I usually have her take B12 to help with the mood swings, but I was wondering if there is anything else you could reccommend? Thanks, Traca

  2. Why are you against olive leaf? I don’t know my herbs, and i’m really interested in your point of view. Your ‘from the earth’ remedies are really interesting!

  3. hi, I just found you from my friend Marsu (rube vigor)’s blog and wanted to introduce myself– I’m looking forward to reading more.

  4. I knew cranberry was good for people for the urinerary stuff, but didn’t realize it also worked for animals! I guess your neighbor-bears never have infections or issues of that sort with all the cranberries they eat!!!
    Glad your Bro is doing much better – he’s such a determined soul – so joyful! I love hearing about him!

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