So it turns out I'm just really paranoid, I guess…

…because Bro is like 95% better now.


  1. I’m happy to hear that he’s doing better, he’s an important part of Hobostripper, he’s like the mascot.

    Hopefully now that he’s better, he won’t have so many problems with getting hurt/sick. It would be sad to know that he’s not with you any more, traveling everywhere and finding strangers to throw the ball for him.

  2. 😛 Glad to see you settled down a bit.Alaskas weather is changing.And I am glad Bro is doing much better.

  3. I worry about Louie a lot. He is the reason for 2 1/2 years of traveling for Milly and I and we don’t hold any of it against him. I want everyone’s dogs
    to be well.
    If landlords weren’t such douchebags her in Kerry/Kennedy land we’d have never had the simple life I loved for that time…

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