November Update

Well hello again, internet. Long time no update. What’s been happening? A lot. There were fires that smothered my garden in thick smoke for a month so that nothing grew except tomatoes and pepperming. There were bears and owls that came to watch me cut fish. There were many many many summer projects that I… Continue reading November Update

for ecowhore people

I updated wordpress and it seems like some of you can’t log in (but some of you can). Here’s what to do if you can’t log in: 1. Don’t be paranoid – I don’t hate you! 2. Make sure you’re going to this address to log in. Try the retrieve password function. 3. If it… Continue reading for ecowhore people

August Update

Hello again, Internet. 🙂 Here’s another update: – Did you see the new sponsor over there —-> ? If you’re interested in stripping, make sure you check out Pumps Mag, and watch for my upcoming article there. – My Tree Medicine Pain Salve sold out really fast on Etsy, and I made another batch. Every… Continue reading August Update

July Update

Well hello, Internet. It’s been a while. I wanted to let you all know about a few things: – I have a scene report in the current issue of $pread Magazine. $pread is the ONLY magazine for and by sex workers, and we should all support it. Plus, it has awesome articles and art. –… Continue reading July Update

Read This!

If you’re getting this as an email and you’re clicking to read it, thank you! At the end there are some almost naked, almost political, almost thought provoking pictures of me as a reward, so keep reading! I’ve been writing a memoir, and I don’t want to publish it. The thing about all good memoirs… Continue reading Read This!

I'm nekkid in the telephone!

I’m changing this whole post, because all my phone sexin’ has changed! I started out just doing regular vanilla phone sex, with lots of sweet fantasies of lovemaking beside streams and one guy who told me every day what he’d like to cook for me before we made love. When I mentioned in my listing… Continue reading I'm nekkid in the telephone!


So. I don’t live in a van anymore. I don’t travel the country stripping anymore, tho I might when I run out of money. When I started this blog I think I felt like my experiences were significant. I’m not really sure, because I don’t feel that way anymore. I mean, my experiences are significant… Continue reading Finis

Life in Stripperland

Hatma gave me directions and I followed them all the way to this huge mansion. A guy in pajamas answered the door. “Hey,” I said, “this must be the new stripper house. I brought my shower bag.” “Umhm,” he said and wandered back to bed. “Tara!” Hatma came down the stairs and Sweetness came out… Continue reading Life in Stripperland