I'm nekkid in the telephone!

I’m changing this whole post, because all my phone sexin’ has changed! I started out just doing regular vanilla phone sex, with lots of sweet fantasies of lovemaking beside streams and one guy who told me every day what he’d like to cook for me before we made love. When I mentioned in my listing that I knew hypnosis, I started getting way more calls. I love hypnosis – and it turns out there’s guys out there who want to be hypnotised into giving me all their money! So now I mostly do hypnosis – from heightened sensation and tantric experiences to financial domination.

You can click on the call button over there —> on the sidebar, towards the top (whenever I put it in the post it makes everything go wonky) to call me now, and get three free minutes.

Or, if you just wanna see pictures of me naked in/around a pretty stream in southern Alaska, click on this:

Topless, hoboin’ it up in my van:

And all strippered up:

And the obligatory cheap pussy shot:


  1. You are my hero… 😀
    Best of luck with this brilliant venture!

    I’m definitely going to buy your chap-book, I just haven’t gotten around to putting money into that paypal thingy yet…

    A funny thing this reminds me of, is that I seriously considered taking a great paying job in phone sex, >10 years ago when I was broke and living on the west coast, but in the end I was too chicken, and got a bullshit minimum wage mainstream service industry job that hardly covered rent and cat food.
    If I knew then what I know now…

  2. Love your poems they make me so happy/sad i cry like with Andrea Gibson. I bought your e-book off Lulu directly with my credit card, no paypal involved. Just to let Renee know unless she has no credit/debit card. I’d pay to find out how your solar system is working and how i could copy it too.

  3. Panda, hey, you can do that if you want! Call on NF and I’ll tell you all about solar and thermocouples and LED lights and filtering muddy water with moss. 😉

  4. Hey Tara,

    I’m so happy to hear your dreams are coming true, and also a little sad to see HoboStripper end. I always hoped I’d run into you someday if I ever figured out how to put my life on hold long enough to go on tour!

    I hope everything goes well for you, always. If you get a new blog going, I want to hear about it. You have always fascinated me.

    Good luck for now. I am on NF too. Maybe we will run into each other sometime.


  5. Hi Tara,
    I too am happy that your continuing blogging! Im interested in joining NF. Is it lucrative enough to be worth it?
    Smiles from aussie land!

  6. Hi Tara!

    I’d love to purchase some of these pictures, but apparently, NF lost them. I keep getting a “Page not found”. 🙁

  7. I find this amusing because it reminds me deeply of Smoove B from The Onion. “The meal will no doubt consist of scallops seared in butter and tenderly sprinkled with appropriate herbs and seasonings. I will also sauté some asparagus as well as that cauliflower I bought last week, because if I do not cook it tonight it will probably go bad. All of these items will be slowly and seductively put into my mouth where I will savour every bite. There will also be bread.”

  8. So…. I’m a broke starving artist who just lost family funding. This sounds appealing. Email me? I’m on your mailing list, and then you can see my real name.

    OR write a post about how to get started?

    I could make you some artwork for your website or for something else or send you some in the mail in exchange if you hook me up. <3

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