I'm on the radio! In your computer! Right now!

Carrot and I are both reading on Whole Wheat Radio at six! Six Alaska time, seven Cali time, ten Eastern time. Click on it and you can listen to us! I’ll be reading a never before seen story from my future book, and Carrot will be reading one of her artfully written train riding stories.

Come listen!


  1. Hey! Great! I’ll be listening from Philly – how weird that you’ll be there and I’ll be here… lookin’ forward to it!

  2. Will these be availible as podcasts for those of us with no memory??? but who have dial up or an rss feederthingamoobob??

  3. Woolfey – Jim (of Whole Wheat Radio) is recording this, I’m sure. He usually puts these kinds of on-air events up for download. Hopefully Tara will post the link to it here if he does so…

  4. Tara, You sound so much you younger than I was expecting to hear. You and Carrot did a great job! I look forward to the next time !

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