I'm the luckiest girl in the world

That’s what I wrote in my book of magic a couple weeks ago and it becomes more and more true every day.   The other day when I asked if you guys would subscribe to my new blog I jumped like 100 miles on the luck-o-meter.  Imagine if I could stay home in the woods and write and not have to go to towns to make the land payment money. 

If you want to subscribe…

Click here to pay five dollars a month. After you paypal subscribe, it’ll take you to the new blog and you’ll set up an account there to be able to read. Please use the same email address for that account as your paypal came from.

Click here to pay ten dollars every three months.

For the technologically unsavvy: when you click the buttons, it will take you to PayPal. Probably you already have a PayPal account and you just need to sign in with your PayPal email address and password, and then follow PayPal’s instructions. I’m not getting your credit card number or anything like that, PayPal is handling it and then letting me have like 95% of the money. When you finish paying through PayPal, you’ll end up on a new site, which is my new blog. Make a note of the invitation code you see there, and then click the button to register. You get to pick a user name and password, and put in your email address and invitation code. Then it will send you an email to confirm your account. Click on that, log in, and you’ll see my blog. You probably won’t need to log in again until you clear your cookies, so don’t worry, after this it will be super easy to get to the new blog.

People who are making other arrangements with me: I’m gonna send out a mass email really soon with your invitation code.


  1. I wish I could afford to subscribe right now! (I miss stripping for this reason.) But I’m moving next week, starting school next month, not currently working (hopefully soon!) and a single mom. :-/ Things are tight.

    All I can offer right now are sweets (I’m a pastry chef) and cakes don’t ship well, plus I don’t even know how you feel about junk food!

    I do miss reading your blogs though, and I hope to be joining the subscribers very soon. Best wishes!

  2. Good luck Tara! I hope I get an email. =]

    Can I trade some prayers (of the Buddhist persuasion) for a subscription? I basically live on beans an rice right now so it’s either that or I can send you a can of beans. =P

  3. I’m hoping that as another Astro-van travelling stripper, I get counted in other arrangements?

    I don’t have a problem paying once I do have money, I’m just trying to catch up from thesuck that was 2008.

  4. I paid last night and never got to the new site, and now can’t figure out how to on paypal 🙁

  5. Hi

    I would love to subscribe to your blog, but the committment worries me. If I sign up today, am I committed for 30 cycles of 3 months? That’s a long time.

  6. I am also concerned about the recurring fee. Could we pay once, and see how it goes? Would there be an option to pay again when the time is up? Or is this a major pain in the ass to do?

    Still interested in paying to read your lovely words!

  7. i know i haven’t commented before, but i’ve been reading your blog for months and i’ll really miss you. i’m a native-born florida girl living in the subtropical suburbs and your tales of wild alaska magic are strange and riveting in the best of ways, so foreign and so close to what i feel in my own heart. your stories contributed to my interest in urban homesteading, and reminded me to see magic again (it is easy to forget, in the suburban city).
    i wish i could afford to subscribe but my partner and i are both unemployed at the moment (it’s scary), and even our spare pennies need to be hoarded for the worst-case possibilities. there’s no problem subscribing once we recover from this (soon, i hope!) but in the meantime, maybe you would be open to barter? i have some prepaid postage boxes still, and i’m a crafty sort of gal.

  8. Oh, no! You guys can totally unsubscribe any time you want! There is no commitment except that if you want to unsubscribe you have to remember to go into your paypal and do it.

  9. =-)

    Thanks for clearing that up. I subscribed, but didn’t get redirected to the blog/password page.

    I’m thrilled you’re writing again. Thanks!

  10. Libby, I just noticed that I got the paypal subscribe email for you and then no blog subscribe email, and emailed you right before I came here and read this. I’m sorry the technology wasn’t all smooth for you, but I sent you the link to get in.

  11. I loved reading your writings, at both blogs, and would happily pay what you are asking. The trouble is, I simply cannot do a subscription. I don’t have a credit card, other than one-use Mastercard gift cards.

    Is there any way I could subscribe for one full year, pay that all in one shot in advance, and not have the charge recur, no matter what? I know that would be harder for you to set up, but I’m willing to pay more. Like, maybe $100 for the year.


  12. Kate! Yes, totally! Do you want to use paypal or send me moneyz in the mail? Whatever you want to do is fine. My paypal is hobostripper@gmail.com, and you can email me for my mailing address.

  13. I am in the same boat…don’t use a credit card….and if you can email me a mailing address , I would be more than happy to pay for a year in advance.
    I don’t want to miss any more writings either, and if you are going paid subscription, then I definitely want to join up!

    Please email me with all the info okay Tara!

  14. I would love to subscribe but cant get a PP account . . .Can send amazon giftcards, epassporte or dirty-dirty-cash-moneys if one of these suits?

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