November Update

Well hello again, internet. Long time no update.

What’s been happening? A lot. There were fires that smothered my garden in thick smoke for a month so that nothing grew except tomatoes and pepperming. There were bears and owls that came to watch me cut fish. There were many many many summer projects that I never finished (including a book of memoirs about my childhood that I’ve been blogging as I write over at ecowhore).

Then it was fall. It snowed, and I took my boat out of the water and went to town to work while the river froze. But then we had a second summer! The river was an un boatable, un walk acrossable, slush forever and I was stuck in town! So I worked and worked, and while I was at it I started a little porn blog. I might turn this little porn blog into a real website and revive the vibe reviews in video form. Or I might not. Check it out and tell me what you think.

By the time I could finally cross the river it was a month later then when I crossed it last year, and almost thanksgiving! It’s so wonderful being back home in the frozen world where time and sound stand still and my little river full of warm springs thaws in the deepest colds. I want to stay right here forever and ever, but I have another work trip coming up.

So that’s what’s been going on.

Also, internet, there are some cool things going on on the interwebs that I would like you to know about:

Hatma has a blog! She hasn’t written much yet, but some comments might inspire her.

This really cool person lived (camped, I guess?) in a van and stripped in one of my favorite areas, and blogged about it. She has the coolest stage name in the world, and she’s also an uncommonly good writer. Hopefully some comments might encourage her to write more too.

Becky is eating 100% wild food until Thanksgiving… in the city!

Have you read Susie Bright’s new book, Bitten? If you haven’t, you should. As usual Susie brought together the perfect combination of gifted writers for a thoughtful, compelling book of erotica. For a long time I thought that Susie mainly existed in the world of writing as someone who brought good writers together into anthologies. But I was so wrong! She’s written books that are even better than her anthologies! Everyone should read all of them!

Also, have y’all seen Tasty Trixie’s site? She’s my porn hero.


  1. whoa! i’ve never ever had stats like that before. wow. okay. you’ve inspired me yet again! thank you thank you. i’m going to put up posts that i wrote from this summer that i just never got around to making internet ready.

  2. Hey there!! How’s it going? I’m doing well and I have starting reading a book by Raymond Buckland about Sexon Wicca. I have just checked out your blog and its great. Blessed be and have a great day!!

  3. Hey Tara,

    I hope you keep updating your blog, like maybe once a month? Your thoughts are inspiring and interesting.

    Oh yes — my favourite hobo stripper, LOL. You inspired me to live in a van … mhm.

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