If you are a spell weaving or candle lighting or reiki sending person, please do some for Bro. His spine is all out of wack, which isn’t totally unusual except that our canine chiropracting friend can’t fix it like normal. It’s making all his muscles cramp up down into his stomach, and pinching a nerve… Continue reading Bro

Uh Ohs

It’s been cloudy and I’ve been sitting inside on the computer too much and now I have barely any electricity.  Just enough to write this.


People keep asking me to write about Sarah Palin or Wasilla. I don’t know Sarah Palin. I don’t keep up with politics. I don’t want a president and I refuse to vote for one. I did vote for the second time ever a couple weeks ago on ballot measures, because I do know that it’s… Continue reading Politics

I'm home!

I was greeted by otters and gifted with bear poop! More in a few days…


Today I drove aaaalll the way up here, and now I’m stuck on Indian time. This isn’t derogatory, or even a bad thing. It’s just slow and impulsive. Which is good. I’m a slow impulsive person, and I’m working on patience. I have to wait for the guy who’s selling me the boat to fix… Continue reading Waiting

It's Official!

I signed the papers and handed over the money today and now… I own land!  And a little cabin! So I bought a bunch of food and an axe and a gadget that’s supposed to make the internet come right out of thin air that may or may not work, and tomorrow I’m going to go load it… Continue reading It's Official!


All over the country, strippers are sleeping in cars, vans, jeeps… and a bookmobile!! Ashton has done really awesomely creative and successful things in the sex industry, so this promises to be a very cool bookmobile.


Life has been happening faster than I can process (or write) it. There’s a lot to write about, but I don’t know how much of it I want to write – lately I feel even more private about my life than I have before. My brakes got stuck on, tho, and I changed them. It… Continue reading Update


So, I got this nifty award from Jack at Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity for being brilliant: And this one from Grace, of Grace Undressed: I am not sure what this one means, except that it’s pretty and sort of angelic looking. Grace and Jack both have very awesome blogs that you guys should check out.  Grace… Continue reading Awards

Lost my phone…

I lost my phone while rolling down grassy hills and stuffs.  So if you’re trying to call me, try email instead.  And if I used to have your number, I don’t now…