Strippers I have loved, v4

Purgatory used to be her name, when she was a bad-ass private party stripper in San Francisco. Now she’s sweet and stupid and has another name, but let’s call her Jessie. She stutters when she talks, and every fifth phrase is, “I don’t know.” As in “there was this g-guy, and I d-don’t know, I… Continue reading Strippers I have loved, v4

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Look what I got!

It’s henna. It’s right on the spot where my back hurts from my SI joint, and I got to thinking. This SI joint fucked-ness is caused by walking around in eight inch heels, hyper-arching my back at work, and doing all those sexy arching floorwork moves. The henna tatt is right on that sexy spot… Continue reading Look what I got!

Leaving paradise

I stayed at the cabin for a few days (3? 5? I gotta start keeping track of time). Bro didn’t wear a leash the whole time and we just roamed around the woods and played in the stream. I wanted to stay forever. But I didn’t. I left. Leaving was an experience. Suddenly I met… Continue reading Leaving paradise

What I love

This is what I love. Alaska is a land of rivers. Everyplace you go is on a river, and when we talk the geography of our lives, we talk rivers. Here is the little cabin I found and stayed in for a few days: I found this little pool and I put hot rocks off… Continue reading What I love

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Omens II

I pull over at the closest pull out to the mile marker he mentioned and poke around a bit. I can’t find the trial he described, but there is a little animal trail. I follow it down the steep mossy bank, slipping and sliding but managing to keep my feet under me. At the bottom… Continue reading Omens II