Look what I got!


It’s henna.

It’s right on the spot where my back hurts from my SI joint, and I got to thinking. This SI joint fucked-ness is caused by walking around in eight inch heels, hyper-arching my back at work, and doing all those sexy arching floorwork moves. The henna tatt is right on that sexy spot above my ass, in the small of my back. It’s called a tramp stamp and it’s probably considered the sexiest and most popular place for a woman to get a tattoo. So, in a way, the spot that is weakened and hurt by living up to this cultures ideas of sexiness is also the spot that is fetishized and sexed up by the culture.

I wish I still had Gyn-Ecology and I could cross reference this with Mary Daly’s observations about Chinese footbinding and Indian wife burning. If only my brain could hold everything all at once.


  1. 😉 I love it! Fricken great! Went clamming again today …. now looking at the stripper convention in las vegas ….. making plans 😎 love you ….. love this pic …… HAT

  2. Completely unrelated.

    I’m looking at finding a host and moving my blog from blogspot to a ‘real’ website (probably NoApparentReason.net). I’m leaning towards using WordPress. What do you use? Do you like your host?



  3. Jessica, I use wordpress and I love it. I use inmotionhosting, and I’m happy with it. I hear there are hosts out there that’ll install your wordpress and set everything up for you if you aren’t technically inclined, but it’s not that hard to figure out.

  4. “Van Gulik dismisses footbinding as having something or other to do with ‘shoe-fetishism’ but fails to see it as oppressive, despite the fact that he himself presents a truly horrifying drawing of a bound foot based on an x-ray. Following the usual pattern of doublething, he is unable to see/name the significance of his own observation that ‘woman’s small feet came to be considered the most intimate part of her body, the very symbol of femininity, and the most powerful centre of sex appeal.’ Failing to acknowledge the mutilation/muting of women into femininity was/is sadism on the scale of massacre, he culpably misses the point…”

    http://books.google.com/books?id=_Vhe2AgQYckC&dq=“gyn ecology

    Google is awesome. 🙂

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