Stripping 103: Beyond the First Night

Now you’ve worked a couple nights and you’re starting to get comfy with the club and dancing naked. But the more comfortable you get the more you see how much you have to learn. You want to sell more dances, you want to learn to sell VIP’s, and you still can’t figure out what to say when they ask what your boyfriend thinks of you doing this.

Let’s talk about making money. Now that you’ve used that hit and run hustle for a few nights, I bet you’re starting to get a better feel for who has money. Soon you’ll be able to smell it on them. But now that you know how to do a basic hustle, start choosing your targets better and putting a little more into it. Look for fat, middle aged guys wearing comfy shoes and a nice watch. Approach slowly, and flirt with your eyes. While you’re talking to him keep that strong, sexy eye contact, puff your lips out a little, and run a hand softly up and down your leg or your other arm. When you know he’ll say yes run a couple fingers lightly up his arm or thigh tell him how much you’d love to dance for him right now.

Once you’ve got him back there, don’t let him go. Up sell him. After your lap dance say “I would have so much more fun in the VIP/Champagne Room/whatever with you. It’s much more intimate, and we don’t have to worry about time and bouncers. Let’s go.” If your club doesn’t have anything to up sell, don’t worry, just keep selling him more dances.

While you’re making all that money, be sure to save some. Someday you’ll be too old to dance, or maybe you’ll start hating it, or maybe you’ll break your knee and not be able to work. What then? Do you want to be stuck as a wage slave for the rest of your life, wistfully remembering the days when you made a full day’s worth of minimum wage in two songs? You owe it to your future self to save some money now. There are two Hobo Stripper Cash Stashing Formulas. If you have debt you’ll use the first, which goes like this: at the end of the night divide your money up into three equal piles. One pile is for long term investment and retirement, one pile goes towards your debt, and one pile is for living on right now. If you have no debt, use the second Hobo Stripper Cash Stashing Formula: two equal piles, one for retirement and one for living on. Don’t worry; you’ll still have plenty of money to live on, even if you only work intermittently like me.

For now, just stick your retirement money in an online savings account with high interest, like or It’ll get the same interest it would in a CD, but I bet you can get better interest somewhere out there if you read some investment books.

Let’s talk about boundaries. Like I said before, you probably need to start out with very clear cut, set in stone boundaries. Know what you will do and what you won’t do, and don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Think about these things. How do you feel about a guy sucking on your toes for an extra hundred bucks? Are you willing to let them play at almost touching your boobs in the Champagne Room? Maybe you work in an air dance club with no Champagne Room and you don’t need to consider these things, but there are other things to be clear about. Will you sit with a guy for free and let him tell you what you should be doing with your life? Will you talk about loving getting ass fucked to keep a guy in the Champagne Room for another hour?

Boundaries are not what happen when you say no. Boundaries are your own knowledge of yourself, of where you end and other people begin. In a strip club you have total control, if you take it and even if you don’t. If you do something that traumatizes you, you are the only person you have to blame. Don’t abuse your own sexuality. If your like most women in our culture you probably need to do some work on boundaries, which means you need to inhabit yourself very fully and very consciously. Exercise is good for this. Touching yourself is good for this, not just masturbation but consciously touching, stroking, and massaging your whole body. When you consider a new situation or a new person, check in with your whole body. How does your cunt feel about it? Is your tummy protesting? Move up slowly through your chakras (or just your body, if you prefer) and make sure you know exactly how you feel about it. Practice. It’s important.

Then there’s your stripper image. There are archetypes of sexuality. Cat woman, the nurturer, warrior princess, down home girl from the farm, blond haired Barbie, sexual priestess, retro pin-up girl, pale dark haired beauty, etc. Pick one, or a couple, that suits you. Try to shape your outfits and make-up around that archetype, and really tap into it when you work. It makes a difference.


  1. INTERESTING STUFF but true its like when a musician goes on stage he has to put his mind and body into it to perform and act like an entertainer . good reading tonight !

  2. Hello,
    You given me so much inspiration to get in back game.I always have danced in clubs where the thicker girls are always wanted.Some many girl starve themselves to get in the so called better clubs. Where they really only end up paying higher fees to work.I am not saying this happens at all clubs but some I feel are pimps. Plus with the Internet we can strip from home and not worry about stage fees.(LOL)

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  4. I’m having pangs of guilt, what do you guys think? I don’t want to stop stripping, and this is breaking my heart.

    Are we really doing a service to mankind? We can get spiritual pleasure from dancing, and maybe in arousing and comforting people, but isn’t most of the job about conniving dollars out of their hands? These people get unrealistic views about women thanks to us. We’re conniving and greedy. We pretend to be attracted to them so they give us money. At least, I feel that way. Maybe we’re feeding an addiction- like coke dealers.

    After a 2 month break, I’m about to start at a new strip club that pays really well. [ I only worked a week at the last place, anyways] But in order to strip, I’m going to have to hide it from my father and his girlfriend, with whom I live with. And from my boyfriend’s family. He’s not happy about this either. I don’t really really need the money right now, I have a day job, and savings, but I have a strong desire to keep stripping! I’m a junior in college.
    I’m going to go through with it, but having doubts like these might keep me from doing well.

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