Leaving paradise

I stayed at the cabin for a few days (3? 5? I gotta start keeping track of time). Bro didn’t wear a leash the whole time and we just roamed around the woods and played in the stream. I wanted to stay forever. But I didn’t. I left.

Leaving was an experience. Suddenly I met great people and fell in love with the place all over again. But staying in one place freaks me out, plus Bro was out of food and I was running pretty low on it too. There was a store that sold Purina for $50/bag and Mac ‘n Cheese in boxes for $3 each, but I didn’t want to feed either of us that kind of crap and especially not for that kind of money.

So off I went. A hundred miles away an owl flew across the road right in front of me. I had to slam on the brakes to not hit her. Was she telling me to turn around?

I’m in the little big city now. I got my window fixed (it doesn’t match the other ones, but it was cheap), and I went to the chiropractor. Today I’m going to help my mom install a drop ceiling, and then I’m going to hang out with my little sis tonight. Tomorrow I’ll work and check out how the business is up here, and after that I’ll probably head back down to the little fishing town to finish out the last dregs of the season. After that… north or south? Who knows? I certainly don’t.


  1. Hey there…

    I love reading your blog (found through DJ’s forum posts) and your hobo articles are really informative, inspiring, and make leaving civ (at least part time) seem very doable.

    I am super interested in reading “Living in Vans with Dogs” to pick up some pointers, but there is no link available. Is that article written yet?

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