When the road turned from pavement to dirt an owl launched from a tree near the road and flew in front of me. It was that dusky time that’s just starting to happen around eleven at night in northern Alaska, and my eyes were tired from the past day of driving. I leaned forward and… Continue reading Omen

Strippers I have loved, v3

I heard about her before I met her in this little falling apart club in the middle of nowhere. “Careful, she’s a lesbian,” the local strippers said, and I didn’t bother to mention that I was too. “Careful, her girlfriend is HIV+ and she refuses to believe she can get HIV from oral sex. She… Continue reading Strippers I have loved, v3

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These are our rituals.

I have a text inbox full of license plate numbers. “Heading out with AK XYZ123” “John Brown, OR ABC987” “Going fishing with Bob, AK BIGDOG” “Tom, NY ABC456, going to dinner” We shouldn’t meet customers outside of the club, and mostly most of us don’t. It devalues the services we provide inside the club (unless… Continue reading These are our rituals.