when words fail…

…there’s always pictures! I took these while driving down to my little tourist town. I wanted to get there in time to work that night (ie, before the club closed) so I snapped these while driving. What would a picture post be without Bro? Here he is retrieving a stick (the ball we lost in… Continue reading when words fail…

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Strippers I have loved, Part One

One of the best things about being a stripper is the other strippers. Strippers are everything, like a little version of all the women in the world. We are married, single, mothers, foster parents, welders and teachers and social workers by day, law students, art students, alcoholics, recovering addicts, anorexic, body builders, athiests, christians, witches,… Continue reading Strippers I have loved, Part One

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Tales from the titty bar…

A tall redhead lounges on the couch in front of the fireplace, her long legs criss-crossed with black ribbons and folded under her. Normally she would be talking to customers, but currently there aren’t any worth her time so she stares into the fire and practices her yoga breathing. The fireplace, she thinks, is what… Continue reading Tales from the titty bar…

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Nettles, x2

I’ve had a lot of nettle emails since I posted about them before, so I’m adding more info here. The pickled nettles that I made a few weeks ago have turned out great. Now I’m in Alaska where nettles should be prevelant, but I still can’t find any. Good thing I’ve got a gallon jar… Continue reading Nettles, x2

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I'm back!

At my most favorite titty bar! I drove drove drove and got there about ten, but it’s the kinda place nobody really cares when you get there. There are a bunch of people from last year and a few new people. Things have that just getting started flavor, ya know? The lawn chair seats are… Continue reading I'm back!

bubbles and beavers

Last night I spent a few hours in my friends jacuzzi bathtub with a book about beavers. This is what I learned: – Bubbles in the jacuzzi are FUN and MESSY! – Bubbes do not flush down the toilet, they defy your flushing attempts by floating on top of the water. – In the late… Continue reading bubbles and beavers