To work, or not to work…

This is the question.

There’s this thing that happens with stripping. Kind of a law of diminishing returns.

You work too much, your in a bad mood, and you don’t feel like talking to people. You know that if you got out of the dressing room and talked to people you could make money, so you force yourself out there. You walk up to a guy and say, “hi, wanna dance?” Of course he says no. You walk up to another guy, and you make yourself smile and sit down and introduce yourself, but by the time the introductions are done you feel your smile wearing off, so you pop the question: wanna dance? Probably not. So you retreat to the dressing room and pick up your book.

All of this results in no money, of course. Guys buy dances when your happy, grounded, cheerful, and have the energy to hold a conversation and build rapport.

So, strategically there is this balance between taking enough time off to maintain your good mood and high earnings, and working enough to make boatloads of money. Additionally, it’s good to plan ahead and take a slow wednesday off, rather than wait until your bad mood looms and take off on a saturday when you could have made great money.

I know it’s time for me to take a day off now if I’m going to do well this weekend. But I’m stuck on this work every day and make lots of money so I can buy land thing. It’s not so much that I want to go to work, as that I can’t stand not to.

So I’m gonna go for a mule ride with a friend and dig up some devils club root, and then maybe I’ll mosey my way in really late and make a little money (see, it’ll be just like a day off, but I’ll still work).


  1. I was wondering what you do with Bro when you are working? Do you leave the van running or do you stay in areas that are cool enough to just crack a window?

  2. rest and rejuv is important always, even if you like your work.
    nurture yourself!

  3. Paige, we don’t stay in hot places, we would both cook in our sleep. When we were in Tucson and it was getting hot we would hang out at the park by the pond all day and I made sure the sun was down and it was cool before I went to work. Also, because of the insulation and the light color, the van doesn’t really heat up as much as most cars, it’s usually about the same temperature it is outside in the shade.

  4. Think of it as theater (I dont mean stripping is theater, I mean most of life is theater). That’s what I do.

    What I’ve discovered in my life is that, as with all theater, you can use a mental theme that can sustain you through the process. Here’s a suggested theme: just think, you’re doing these guys a huge favor, making them feel sexy for 5 or 10 minutes of however long. (And let me just tell you as a guy: this is true).

    I think using a theme can help get you more clients, as well as make it possible to maintain your cheer and not feel tired when they say no; after all, its all theatre, and for guys to decline a dance is part of the process.

    Great blog, by the way. I’ve been reading it for a couple of weeks now.

  5. Thanks Sam! I do kind of have a theme, tho I think of it more as tapping into an archetype. Even so, there are times when I just can’t get there.

  6. I just came out of a stressful meeting, and am feeling pissed off with someone I like alot. I hate/love swimming in stress. Trying to see what useful theme there might be that I could use to help me through (as the situation might go on all week), but am struggling a bit. Any more thoughts on using themes appreciated.

    T, as an aside, you have the greatest ads on the side of the blog. Just saw the Derrick Jensen book 😎

    Are the ads generated from the blog content, or did you have to put in keywords or something so they know what to advertise?

  7. Aw, Kate *hugs* I hope you’re taking good care of yourself. I don’t know the situation, but maybe truth is a central theme? I used to tap into an archetype of truth telling and let that guide me when I was doing advocacy work. I would especially remind myself of Kali, Lilith, and Black Tara stories and just kind of ground myself in that energy.

    I love Derrick Jensen, it makes sense that you would know the book. 🙂

    The Amazon ads (the ones with pictures) I picked myself because they’re books/things that I think are great. The Google ads (the text ones towards the top) generate themselves based on content, as you can probably tell by all the ads for wire strippers! LOL Even tho they’re less relevent, they pay per click rather than purchase, so I put them up there where people might be more inclined to click on them.

  8. I wish I had the balls to strip. I’ve been trying to work up the nerve for a long time. I wish you nothing but success. 🙂

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