Confidence and the stripper

 I grew up with a pretty fucked idea of feminine attractiveness. You know, pretty women are needy women. They’re damsels in distress, like Cinderella and Rapunzel. They’re damaged, like the women in Tori Amos songs, or the Suicide Girls. That’s what makes them so fascinating and addictive, right? When I started dancing, this was what… Continue reading Confidence and the stripper

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Here’s what the newspaper had to say about the police chase I was behind yesterday. Note the many, many discrepencies between my first hand account and what the police say happened. Girdwood? Ten miles? Hardly. Pulled over on his own? Yeah, right. (A couple miles past where they blocked the road, I did see… Continue reading hmmm….

Did you know they got the TV in the Internet now?

Today, gentle readers, I send you out into the world to watch two very important videos. Only if you’re on speedy internet though, otherwise don’t torture yourself. First, the lovely genious Audacia Ray discusses the evolution of the online alt porn movement. I’m fascinated by alt porn because, to me, it puts porn back a… Continue reading Did you know they got the TV in the Internet now?

Small town fame

Everywhere I go I’m the stripper from Alaska. At least here my liscense plate blends in and I don’t get people randomly stopping to visit because they saw the Alaska plates and I’m definitely the only thing happening from Alaska. I’ve been in town for a week. Today I woke up at 4PM after having… Continue reading Small town fame