Did you know they got the TV in the Internet now?

Today, gentle readers, I send you out into the world to watch two very important videos. Only if you’re on speedy internet though, otherwise don’t torture yourself.

First, the lovely genious Audacia Ray discusses the evolution of the online alt porn movement. I’m fascinated by alt porn because, to me, it puts porn back a step, evolutionally speaking, to a better place. I’ve always had a problem with porn because it seems like most porn watchers are interacting on some level with something that’s not real. When you interact with something that’s not real, your social response is to be a little not real yourself. In other words, people get to play around the edges of their sexualities without really experiencing their sexualities. I hope that made sense.

Dancing can sometimes be the same, if I were to dress like a plastic doll and lose fifty pounds and play not me. But I don’t, and the more I am myself, the more I’m grounded in my own sexuality, the more people have to be inside themselves and truely experience their own sexualities in response.

Alt porn, while still existing on the screen, is a very real thing. Go watch Audacia’s video:

(A note to my mother, if she’s reading, and others like her: don’t worry, the boobs will go away as soon as you hit play. I promise.)


Second, and most important, UrbanScout rescues Derrick Jensen! Derrick Jensen is one of my favorite people and one of the most important authors of our time. If you haven’t read everything he’s written, especially Endgame, you should. In the meantime, this is a good introduction.

(Don’t worry, there’s no boobs in this one, just reality).


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