This is how I can tell season's almost here

The tips from my first stage set:


Of course, the lack of money the rest of the night indicates that it’s still not quite really here…


  1. Didn’t know you where such a good writer. You should write professionally. Are you going to be there for the whole season? Wish we could have spent more time together last time I saw you. Things are still the same here in Paradise. Did the vehicle make it to the homeland OK? Hope the door still closes and it drives in a straight line, straight enough for you anyway. HaHa. I wan’t to come and see you, but if I do I might also kill a fish or two. I promise I’ll eat what I kill, is that exceptable. I have two questions for you. If I come up to see you will you entertain a capatlist meat eating pig like me? And do they sell Corona up there?


    P.S. When are the Northern Lights on? (pardon my ignorance)

  2. Ha! Joe, come on up… HAT’ll be here in a couple weeks and she’ll drag you clam digging. Kill some fish, but you better share em.

    The van made it all this way (just rolled over 100k) with no problems. The door’s been fine since you talked to it, but dude… did you happen to notice that my brake shoes were falling the fuck off? That’s what that shaking was. Hey, if you come up will you help me change my serpentine belt and my brake pads? 🙂

    And, um, the Northern Lights are “on” all year, but in the summer it’s too light to see them.

    GI… the last couple days have sucked. If it’s still good up there I’d give it another week before you come down here.

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