Happy (early) Solstice!

I’m always so pleasantly shocked that the world keeps turning. You’d think I’d be used it by now, but I still wake up in the middle of the night afraid that the sun is never coming back and stay up all night waiting for it. Every morning when the sun comes up and every summer when it gets warm I’m totally dumbfounded.

I celebrated by eating violets and falling backwards into the moss. Do you fall backwards into the moss? It’s ever so fun. Stand still and straight, don’t bend your knees, and fall backwards into soft, deep moss.

Tomorrow I’ll celebrate more.

How did you celebrate? Or, if you didn’t celebrate Solstice, how do you celebrate life? (If you’re reading, answer!)


  1. i’ve never seen moss so thick you can fall into it.
    solstice isnt’ for two more days, i thought!

  2. You must have much deeper, softer moss than we do. You’d split your head open doing it on our little soft moss down here- but falling into tall grass is fun. 🙂 Or hay! Hay is even better.

    This year for solstice I’m not doing anything special, but last year we went on an all day float trip. 🙂
    Happy solstice!

  3. I bent my knees, be’n a doubting thomas and all 😐 . Yeah it was erotic but not cool and damp feeling as I had anticipated. There were some kind of wee beasties in it tho ’cause I broke out later on with itchy little bumps on the sensitive parts of my anatomy. But I’ll do it again next time I serendipitiously come upon a cushion as big as that one.
    How ’bout slithering naked in waist deep swamp edges? It is totally sexual to be there in that liminal space…at the margins of being…an amphibian. It’s a nice affirmation to being bisexual!

  4. I usually do spent it outdoor walking around but I’m doing something different this year and go downtown to a native prayer circle for peace and unity among all people. I have always loved native music because it’s so spiritual.

    May the Goddess bless you on the sotstice this year.

  5. Well, my sister’s birthday is on the 22nd and mine is on the 26th so that’s usually what I’m celebrating. I believe tomorrow I will go to the Rose Gardens and enjoy them on the longest day of the year, and go to the Farmers’ Market and enjoy living in the best food place in the country.

  6. We went to the the Freemont Solstice Parade here in Seattle last weekend. It was really wonderful; this year there were (by my estimation) some hundred or so painted naked people on (and off) bicycles (this is a Freemont Solstice parade tradition that was initially opposed but has become acceptable and institutionalized — I love Seattle!).

    One exhibit of note was the 4 paper mache figures of the members of the current administration (Bush, Cheney, Condi, and Rummy) dressed in prison garb and chains. Ahead of them marched 3 guantanamo style detainees, dressed in orange jumpsuits with their faces covered in cloth bags. I mention this here because it somehow made a very powerful visual statement.

    Pics here:

  7. I’ve spent the last 2 days in bed with a cold and Derrick Jensen’s A Language Older than Words. Perfect.

    We’ve had the first major storm of the winter blow through, leaving parts of the country cut off from others by snow. Gotta love the grand gesture.

  8. We celebrated formally (more or less), being that we’re pagans. Not until Friday, though, because of work schedules. We also celebrate getting outside as often as we can. I’m glad you celebrated. I suspect that you have a knack for that sort of thing.

    We have spots with moss like that, but you’d have to look for them. You’re right, moss differs from tall grass or anything else. I like to touch it with bare skin, and I’ve never picked up chiggers or whatever as I have from grass.

  9. How do I celebrate life? By trying hard to do the best darn job of it every day.

    It’s hard work but so satisfying.



  10. I celebrate life by going out into the woods and seeing and hearing and feeling beautiful things. Today I surprised a pileated woodpecker. Apparently they’re called the Lord God Bird in Georgia– hefty name!

    I love your blog. Reading it makes me so happy. Thanks for writing it!

  11. I celebrate solstices and equinoxes by getting a really really short hair cut.
    I use my hair as a calendar.
    Women have monthly cycles which (i assume) helps them to keep track of (long-term) time. As i also like to be aware of long term time passing but have no uterus, i use my hair. whenever i touch it i can get an approximate feeling of how far along the season has passed. i have been doing it for a couple of years and it works quite well.

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