bubbles and beavers

Last night I spent a few hours in my friends jacuzzi bathtub with a book about beavers. This is what I learned:

– Bubbles in the jacuzzi are FUN and MESSY!
– Bubbes do not flush down the toilet, they defy your flushing attempts by floating on top of the water.
– In the late 1800’s over ninety percent of the beaver in the lower 48 were killed by trappers. They were extinct in five states. The beaver they have down there now are descendents of that less than ten percent that survived people.
– Back in the day, beavers sunned themselves on top of their lodges in the middle of the day, but now they’re totally nocturnal. The author wondered if this is a behavioral trait passed down through learning or if it’s genetic, and, having spent quite a few nights being kept awake by a hungry baby beaver, I can assure her it’s genetic. The baby’s will sleep like a log all day long, and play and cry all night.
– Bubbles just keep breeding, the more you get rid of, the more they come back. Just a small patch of bubbles can quickly reproduce to fill a whole bathroom when you apply jacuzzi jets.
– Beaver are perhaps the most social mammal. They spend months in a crowded dark lodge in the winter (and they can’t see in the dark) without ever killing each other.
– I was a lot dirtier than I thought. Woops.
– Hey, my hair’s all shiny now.
– Some indian tribes used to call beavers “the little people” and never hurt them. They are very human like.
– Beavers have little artic entryways under their lodges, where they drip dry before going into the warm and dry main lodge.

Now I’m off for my little summer money town of tourists…


  1. I discovered something about bubbles. They are fun to play with in a home spa, LOL! Especially when you have a lot of them practically over your head and you are drinking juice from a champaine glass!

    Isn’t that sweet!

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