I'm back!

At my most favorite titty bar!

I drove drove drove and got there about ten, but it’s the kinda place nobody really cares when you get there. There are a bunch of people from last year and a few new people. Things have that just getting started flavor, ya know? The lawn chair seats are still white and fresh looking. Hell, I think they might have bought new lawn chairs.

Some guy broke the bathroom door off it’s hinges (it was, of course, the bathroom doors fault for already being half fallen off it’s hinges). Another one tried to take his clothes off and got kicked out by a righteously pissed grandma. Some guys came in from Washington and were rude and broke. Some other guys came in from Utah and were shocked and worshipful. This place never changes and I love it.

Oh, and a bunch of women gained some weight over the winter, while I lost some weight, resulting in… I’m the skinny girl! If you know me, you know how rare this is. Just a couple weeks ago I was the fat girl in Montana.

I danced for one of the Utah guys who’d never had a lapdance before in his life. The whole time I danced for him he was just staring at me in amazement. When I stopped dancing he told me very earnestly that I am his hero.


  1. OMG, if you’re “fat” in Montana, does that mean you were working with a bunch of tweaker chicks….? Because you’re average for the average Montana civilian woman…

    I am soooo not going to Teaser’s now. (Shudder.)

  2. College students, not tweakers. You know how skinny dem college girls are. But don’t worry, they mostly stick to the stage cause they’re too good to talk to the customers, so the dance money’s all yours. 🙂

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