Plant Love

I am not a great herbalist or anything, just an amateur plant lover, but the more I write about plants the more people have asked me about plants, and it’s evolved into this section. If you really want to learn about herbs, check out’s Home Study Kits (they also have an awesome board game, Wildcraft, that is cooperative rather then competitive and fun for grown ups too), or Susun Weed’s books and correspondence classes.

If you are just starting to learn about herbs, here are some things I’ve written about the basics:

Herbs For Very Beginners
Beginners: Part Two
Making Herbal Oils, Infusions, and Tinctures

Here are some plants from my materia medica. There are a lot more that I don’t understand well enough to write about, but these are the ones I’ve written about:

Nettles: Part One
Nettles: Part Two
Devils Club
Rose: A Memoir

I buy herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs, and recommend that you do too.


  1. Dear Hobo:

    I’m going on three years living in a bus. Just down sized to a more practical set of wheels for traveling. Do you know of any Canadian specific sites for van dwellers? Great site.


  2. I’m looking for the Tara that appeared in a 2008
    issue “New Witch” magazine. Has anyone seen her?

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