I’ve written a lot of things about stripping.  If you scroll down there will be more story-like things, that will perhaps give you a feel for stripping if you are a newbie or a researcher.

Informative articles and essays are here:

Stripping 101: The Audition

Stripping 102: Your First Night

Stripping 103: Beyond The First Night

Stripping 104: Stage

Beyond Stripping 101

Stripper Self Defense

Life Lessons From Stripping: Entitlement and Value

The Stripper And The Cosmic Titty

The F Word: A Stripper Talks About Fat

Eliminating Bad Experiences by Rejecting Bad Customers

How to Pick a Good Strip Club

Stripping, Feminism, Wage Slavery, etc.

Stripping, Class, and The Secret

Stripping: Terms Of The Trade

Confidence and The Stripper

Stripper Forever!

101 Things People Say When You Tell Them You’re A Stripper


Buck Tuckin’

A Little Strip Club Parable

Hooking (the yarn kind) In The Titty Bar

Tales From The Titty Bar

Stripping, Drinking, and Profundity

Random Slow Night At Any Little Club

The Down Side

These Are Our Rituals

He Wants Three Minutes In The Lower 48

Stripping Gods

The Patriotic Gunman

It was the best of places.  It was the worst of places.

Stripping As Pure Capitalism

I Was Chosen

Strippers I Have Loved, v.1

Strippers I Have Loved, v.2

Strippers I Have Loved, v.3

Strippers I Have Loved, v.4

Strippers I Have Loved, v.5

Strippers I Have Loved, v.6


  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know the links up top aren’t all working (check their destinations when you mouse over them- some are the same as each other).

    Loving your site!

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