I have the silliest problems

I came rushing back to town, and I had a plan, an agenda. I was gonna work tonight and possibly tomorrow night, and then I was gonna high tail it outta here and back to the woods for a few days. I have to be back here next weekend because it’s my mom’s birthday and we’re having a Thanksgiving dinner. And sometime in the next few weeks I won’t be able to hide out in the woods anymore because the van will need to be plugged in in order to start.

So last night I helped my little sis stain her porch. It splattered a little. Stain doesn’t wash off. I look like a leopard up to my elbows:


(the other arm is much worse)

I exfoliated the heck out of my arms and I’m still spotted. I went to Hot Topic, and they had some strippertastic holloween stuff, but no long gloves. I went to a halloween type store, and they had some long gloves, but they were like neon orange and I couldn’t picture them going with any of my outfits. I used to have an outfit that would have been perfect, it was the holy grail of all my stripper shit, but the top dissapeared in this little club in Colorado.

There are some clubs in the world where I could waltz in with leopard arms and laugh about it and nobody that mattered would give a shit. This club might be a tiny bit like that, but I think mostly people would be like, “um, does that stripper have leprosy? Careful, don’t let her touch you.” So I’m not working.

Maybe I should just head for the hills now. Or maybe I should go down and visit my mom for the week. Or maybe I should hang out here until my arms are splotch free. I feel kind of frozen with indecision, and then I look down and see my spotted arms and I laugh.


  1. Dude, you have ticking! Cool!

    Seeing as it’s close to halloween, why not get the spray on hair color in black (or gold), make a leopard-spot stencil, and give yourself spots to cover it up? 😛

  2. When I saw the smaller picture I thought “nah, she can work”. After seeing the bigger one I wouldn’t work either unless they ease up soon .

    I’m so sorry ! That sucks !

  3. hmm not sure if this will work and how safe it is…but when i would dye my hair with manic panic i wouldn’t wear gloves and my hands would stain…so i would take a little of this generic spray bathroom/tile cleaner thing (labelled WITH bleach) and rub a little on my fingers. that seemed to help.

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