Strip Club Reviews

A long time ago, back in the dark ages of stripping, there used to be a review site. It was an incredible resource. Every time I would get ready to go to a new club, I’d click on the potential clubs and read all the reviews. It made me feel like I knew what was… Continue reading Strip Club Reviews


I wake up to the softstrong lull of ocean waves and the sweet sting of salty wind. The first thing I see is the ocean, but my eyes are heavy and the next thing I know I’m dreaming of mushrooms and revolutions. When I wake again the ocean is still there, the breeze still fresh.… Continue reading Wave


I am moving my hips in front of him on stage, and he is putting a dollar on the rail, another dollar, another dollar. As he puts them up, I clear them away and keep dancing. He leans forward, putting another dollar up. “Let me see your pussy.” I smile. “Let me see your money.” He… Continue reading Moneymoneymoneymoney

A rolling stone…

A consultation with my calender yesterday showed that this was my most profitable week at this club last year. Unlike most Americans, but probably like most strippers, I don’t fill my calendar in advance: instead I fill it retroactively, jotting down the night before’s earnings every morning-after-work. The calendars are all in a big envelope,… Continue reading A rolling stone…

Moving On

I worked another night in that city and made $8. People swore it was the worst two nights in the entire history of the club. It was still pretty fun, even if it wasn’t profitable. One dancer brought her girlfriend to work on a leash and she followed her around, being obedient. They were both… Continue reading Moving On

I'm Rich!

I made thirty one dollars last night. I’d always heard that this town was awful for stripping, but I’m used to coming out on top even when things suck for everyone else. Even on the shittiest of nights at a completely empty club I usually have one customer spend a lot of money on me.… Continue reading I'm Rich!