At The Front Lines of the Patriarchy: Conversations With God in the Titty Bar

“God,” he says, by way of introduction, reaching up to shake my hand. This is his assertion of dominance. A man with money in a room full of hungry whores. “Goddess,” I respond, pulling my dress down to protect my ass from the roughness of the chair as I sit next to him. My assertion… Continue reading At The Front Lines of the Patriarchy: Conversations With God in the Titty Bar

Forever Dancing

“I think that’s the number one most valuable life skill, running,” I say as I flop down on her bed. She’s a stripper from the rain forest who came to Alaska to get away from an abusive man, but now she wants to go back. I’m proud of her for running at all. So many… Continue reading Forever Dancing

Strippers I Have Loved, v6

I didn’t write anything yesterday. Or today. I meant to write something after work, but now I just want to go to sleep. Here’s something I wrote a while ago, kind of un refined. “Hey! It’s her! It’s fucking her!” I leaned out the window long enough to see the flash of a gun and… Continue reading Strippers I Have Loved, v6

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Moving On

I worked another night in that city and made $8. People swore it was the worst two nights in the entire history of the club. It was still pretty fun, even if it wasn’t profitable. One dancer brought her girlfriend to work on a leash and she followed her around, being obedient. They were both… Continue reading Moving On

I'm Rich!

I made thirty one dollars last night. I’d always heard that this town was awful for stripping, but I’m used to coming out on top even when things suck for everyone else. Even on the shittiest of nights at a completely empty club I usually have one customer spend a lot of money on me.… Continue reading I'm Rich!

Strippers are Awesome

A long time back I worked with this amazing super stripper. She was that girl, the one who was always in the lap dance room all night long. If you asked her how she’d give you a bunch of great sales and marketing advice, but if you watched her you could see that it was… Continue reading Strippers are Awesome

Stripping as Pure Capitalism

I realised on my way here that I wasn’t going to make it in time to get a stripper license, so I slowed down. Cooked liver and onions, played with Bro. Why rush? I got into town just after dark, and established myself in a good parking spot at the local truckstop. Since I’m probably… Continue reading Stripping as Pure Capitalism

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