Sex at the Margins

I don’t know how many gazillions of times I’ve gotten into an argument with some woman (it’s always a woman) who thinks the sex industry is evil. I’ll explain my experience of it, and she’ll say that I’m deluded. Really, what about all those poor traffiked women? I don’t want to be insensitive to people… Continue reading Sex at the Margins

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Beyond Stripping 101

I had the following conversation at work the other night with a 30-something dancer who rejects normal stripper-wear for short skirts and turtlenecks of the WalMart variety. This has always puzzled me because she sells stripper clothes, so I know she knows how to get them. Her: I wish the stuff I sell would look… Continue reading Beyond Stripping 101

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Life in tidbits

I slept in a house last night. It was weird. I got up really super early after just a few hours of sleep (well, five hours, but it felt like two hours) and my sister and I made a thanksgiving dinner for my mom’s birthday. This is how tired I was: my sister asked me… Continue reading Life in tidbits

Who are you guys?

Some of you get here following links from other blogs, or you know me in real life or through friends or online. A lot of people get here through google “how to live in a van,” “how to shave pussy like a stripper,” “hobo sex,” “stripper pee live,” “change water pump,” “nettles allergies,” or the… Continue reading Who are you guys?

Winter. Van. Alaska.

People keep asking what I’m gonna do in my van when it’s forty below. The truth is, I’m a plan-as-I-go sort of person. In other words: I dunno. This is what I do know: I’ve been in the van down to twenty below before, but just for a couple weeks, and been fine. Also, when… Continue reading Winter. Van. Alaska.

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Some from the last few days, some from the whole summer. Alaska mountain love: This was a really big dog/wolf track. That’s the shadow of both my legs, and its that wide. An old cookstove and kids dogsled: Squatter cabin all overgrown with rhubarb: Fireweed (makes bright life from ashes and then falls into a… Continue reading Pictures

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