Some from the last few days, some from the whole summer.

Alaska mountain love:

This was a really big dog/wolf track. That’s the shadow of both my legs, and its that wide.

An old cookstove and kids dogsled:

Squatter cabin all overgrown with rhubarb:

Fireweed (makes bright life from ashes and then falls into a snowy brittle death):


  1. One day in my endless search for love and after another empty date and what some would call a “happy ending” to the date I went to a little corporate(borders) bookstore. I felt restless quite unfulfilled and as always looking around the biographies and autobiographies of people who may have it a million times worse than I so that I might find a way to be grateful for all I have. While browsing through I ran into this thick book called ‘sex diaries’ I read one page, and, another, and another. Finally I came up on Misstress Matisse’s little section in the book. I was quite fascinated by all the people who were exposing their raw lives on the web. So a few days later I read her weblog, and I randomly clicked on others. I clicked on yours and before I go on let me just thank you for writting here. In a few sentences you certaintly lit up my day with the fascinating life you live. Your connection to nature, and the different people you meet everywhere you go. You certaintly brightened up my day when I felt gloomy. Keep up the good work. And once again thank you for being so cool.

  2. Okay, so this isn’t really related to this post, but I have a question for you. I have three dogs, and two of them have a really bad case of what the vet calls “allergies”. Their skin is dry and flaky, and it has red patches. They scratch all the time, but it’s not like there’s one or two hot-spots… It’s all over their bodies.

    The vet told me “there’s nothing I can do”, which I believe to be bullshit. However I’m not sure what options there are… I read your post about lavender tincture, would that work? How often would I apply, how would I make it, etc. And is there anything else I can do for them?

    Sorry to ask so much of you, but it seems like my dogs shouldn’t have to suffer just because a veterinarian says so. Thank you!

  3. Hi Kerry,

    I can’t give you veterinary advice, but this is what I would do…

    First, allergies are usually caused by food, tho of course there can be other things. The most common food allergies are (I think) wheat and beef. So first I would switch to a high quality food with as few ingredients as possible (maybe Canidae? the people at the pet food store can probably make a good recommendation).

    Then I would add nettle infusions to the food for the allergy symptoms, and raw garlic just because it’s always good to support the immune system.

    Then, yes, you can use lavender topically. Buy lavender oil or put lavender tincture in some olive oil and shake it up. Use it in a spray bottle and just spray the hot spots and dry areas.

    I wrote an article for Live Holistically about using herbs for dogs, and there’s more info there about using Lavender with hot spots –

  4. My spots are gone, Wyatt! They washed right off with the dead skin after a couple days.

    sonofastripper… thanks. I think that’s an awesome way to find my blog, and I’m always fascinated by the different kinds of people who read here.

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