This really makes me want to learn polework. Too bad I can’t fit a pole in the van…


  1. I miss the Pole most of all!
    Goodness I miss it so.
    It is flight!
    I highly recommend learning. It feeels so good!
    I Loved teaching techniques to other dancers and watching them get addicted to it – buaahahaaa!
    I loved feeling dancers eyes on my while i performed on it- it’s a different audience experience.

  2. That’s really amazing. I wish I’d learned some more advanced moves back when I was dancing. I stopped pole work early on when I found it wasn’t the most lucrative. But I’d love to know how to do some of this stuff.

  3. She is incredibly athletic. The Committee should definitely add pole dancing to the Olympics…

  4. That’s FELIX! Until not too long ago she was working in Perth, Australia and she is absolutely amazing. She’s gotten even better over time and is absolutely lovely. I met her as my ex worked there with her and if my information is correct has moved to Vegas to work with Cirque du Soleil. It absolutely made my night going through your stuff to find you giving props to her =D

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